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Can I use a car tyre compressor to refill my SCORKL?Updated 2 years ago

No, you cannot use a car tyre compressor to fill your SCORKL. Your car tyre compressor can’t pump to a high enough pressure to fill the SCOKRL. Normal (e.g. tyre) compressors only pump to around 200 - 400 psi whereas the SCORKL cylinder requires 3,000 psi. And, crucially, your car tyre compressor doesn’t filter the air to make it suitable for breathing. It is very dangerous to use air from a non-diving compressor because it might contain oil, carbon monoxide, dust, and other dangerous materials to breathe. 

You can however use a dive compressor to fill your SCORKL. Dive compressors pump to 200 bar (3000 psi) and filter the air to ensure it’s safe to breathe underwater. 

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