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How do I care for my SCORKL?Updated 2 years ago

Before you jump in with your SCORKL, you should get the cylinder tested and inspected. 

The SCORKL cylinder is just like a normal SCUBA cylinder, failure to properly care for it can lead to dangerous consequences. Depending on where you’re located, different national standards may apply but in general, we recommend getting your cylinder visually inspected and hydrostatically tested on a regular basis. An annual visual inspection is recommended but if a cylinder is used frequently in warm, humid climates, the inspections should be performed more frequently. The cylinder should be inspected internally and externally for pitting, corrosion, dents, scrapes, cracks or other damage. Hydrostatic testing is required every five years, or any time a cylinder is damaged.

Use your SCORKL often? Read on for further care instructions.

The recommended inspection intervals above are only in relation to recreational diving activities and not military, commercial, or other professional diving activities. SCORKL units used regularly (i.e. for rental or training purposes) and units used in chlorinated or silted water will require a service every three to six months, or whenever it is suspected that moisture has entered the system.

Each time, after you use your SCORKL follow these after care instructions.

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