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How do I clean my SCORKL?Updated 2 years ago

For general cleaning, use a mild hand-washing dish detergent: 30 millilitres per 4 litres (1 fl oz per gallon) of water.

To sanitise, use 30 millilitres of mild bleach (e.g. CloroxTM) per 4 litres (1 fl oz per gal) of water. Allow the components to stay in contact with the solution for a minimum of 10 minutes while agitating. Rinse thoroughly, then allow to soak in fresh water for a minimum of two minutes before removing and drying.
Do not use any type petroleum-based substances to clean or lubricate any part of the regulator and do not expose any part of the regulator to aerosol spray as these can attack or degrade the rubber and plastic materials.

Keep the threads on both the Refill Port and Refill Adapter clean and lubricated. Use a high- quality, non-toxic, food grade spray silicone for best results. Never use a hydrocarbon based oil (i.e. household oil or motor oil).        

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