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How do I pack my SCORKL for an airplane?Updated 2 years ago

Some airport security organisations such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the USA require air cylinders to be visibly empty. This means that you must detach your regulator from the cylinder so that they can easily observe that the cylinder does not contain any pressurised air.

Follow these steps to pack your SCORKL for airline travel:

1. Purge your SCORKL until it is empty of air.

2. Remove the regulator from the cylinder by turning it counterclockwise. Leave the O-ring, washer etc. on the regulator.

3. Place the SCORKL in a protective container to keep the unit clean and place cap or tape over threaded end to secure loose parts.

4. If small parts come loose during travel, be sure the O-Ring, Washer, and Exhaust Discs go on in the correct order during reassembly.

Watch our instructional video below on preparing SCORKL for airline travel.

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