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How is the SCORKL different from Spare Air?Updated 2 years ago

There are a few key differences that make the SCORKL much more suitable for recreational, shallow diving when compared to Spare Air.

First, the SCORKL is intended for recreational use and has been tested and certified against European standard EN 250:2014 which specifies the minimum requirements for self-contained open-circuit compressed air underwater breathing apparatus and their sub-assemblies to ensure a minimum level of safe operation. Emergency SCUBA diving devices like Spare Air have not been certified for use as a primary source of air. The SCORKL is for shallow diving only, the depth and temperature to which it has been certified are 6m (20ft) and 15°C (60°F) respectively. 

Next, the SCORKL costs less than other diving devices, retailing at USD $249.

Finally, each SCORKL has a pressure gauge mounted permanently in the field of view of the user which tells you exactly how much air you have left at any time. 

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