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How long can you stay underwater with the SCORKL?Updated a year ago

You can explore underwater for up to 10 minutes at a time with the SCORKL. How fast you breathe, how deep you descend and the temperature of the water you’re SCORKLlNG in all impact how long you can stay under the surface.

The SCORKL holds 68 breaths at surface pressures when filled to 200 bar (3,000psi), providing up to 10 minutes of underwater exploration. SCORKLing at different depths impacts the number of breaths available: the deeper you go, the faster you consume air. 

If you’re new to the underwater world you’ll likely breathe at a rate of 12 - 25 breaths per minute, giving you approximately 3 – 5 minutes total time underwater. A more relaxed and experienced user can stay underwater for up to 10 minutes if using a respiration rate of 7 breaths per minute. 

Be aware also that you don't need to use all of the available breaths in a single dive. You can have many, shorter dives since the SCORKL regulator is breathe-on-demand so only gives you air when you want it. Pairing your SCORKL with a snorkel is a great idea since it means you can explore the surface endlessly before using your SCORKL to explore deeper when you find something worth investigating.

For more, check out the How to use your SCORKL instructional video below:

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