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How long does it take to refill from the SCORKL Hand Pump?Updated 2 years ago

Refilling from the SCORKL Hand Pump takes longer than using a SCUBA tank or diver compressor  and is a bit of a workout but is nevertheless a great alternative when a SCUBA cylinder or dive compressor aren’t available. 

It takes 10 pumps per breath that you want to take from the SCORKL. If relying solely on the hand pump to fill and refill repetitively, we recommend filling just to halfway (50 - 100 bar, for 34 breaths available) for ease of use and to prolong the lifespan of the hand pump. Pumping steadily and slowly using the correct technique continuously for 5 - 10 minutes will get you there. 

After every 5 minutes of pumping you should wait 15 minutes for the equipment to cool. The instructions to let the pump cool every five minutes is a precaution against the pump overheating. As the pressure starts to build, the temperature of the parts inside the pump will increase too, making them more vulnerable to damage or malfunction. If you are pumping slowly and deliberately, and resting every 5 minutes, and you feel that the pump is not getting too hot, you may re-commence pumping before fifteen minutes has elapsed, but please appreciate that you are doing so at your own risk to the equipment.

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