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Is SNRKL the same as SCORKL?Updated a year ago

No. SNRKL is a scam. 

The SNRKL website purports to sell a product like the SCORKL but actually just steals money from our potential customers. Unfortunately, SNRKL looks and sounds very similar to our name, SCORKL, and is easy to confuse. 

The SCORKL is only available for purchase at

If you have indeed been a victim of one of these SNRKL scam sites please contact your bank / credit card provider immediately to request a "chargeback" to try to get your funds returned. Credit card providers and banks are usually pretty good at honouring chargeback requests within 60 days (which is why the scam sites give their victims the "run around" via fake delivery tracking emails etc, to make that 60 day period elapse). 

After placing an order with SCORKL you will receive an email from [email protected] immediately. If you haven't received an email from that address, you've likely ordered from a scam site. Please also note the following in confirming whether or not you have ordered a SCORKL:

  • the correct spelling of SCORKL and that the SCORKL is available only from (scam sites are often spelled similarly but will be different to the above)
  • our price list, available at (scam sites usually sell at much cheaper rates)
  • that all correspondence from us will only ever come from [email protected] (again, note the spelling)
You can confirm whether or not you've ordered from us for yourself here:

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