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Why isn’t my SCORKL reaching 200 bar when I refill from a SCUBA tank?Updated 2 years ago

Remember that every time you refill your SCORKL from a SCUBA cylinder, the SCUBA cylinder decreases in pressure, too. When the pressure in your SCUBA cylinder is below 200 bar you will not be able to refill your SCORKL to 200 bar. 

In the rough graph below you can see how the pressure of your filling cylinder changes after each refill in the chart below:

For example, after filling your SCORKL or SCORKL PRO five times from a SCUBA cylinder that started at 200 bar, the maximum pressure that you will be able to fill your SCORKL to will be about 175 bar. Similarly, after filling your SCORKL or SCORKL PRO 15 times, the maximum pressure you will get from your next refill will be about 100 bar.

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